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Sharpfibre Limited and O.D. Fire Protection announces merger

Sharpfibre Limited and O.D. Fire Protection announces merger

Wed, November 24, 2021

Author: SharpFibre

Merger of O.D. Fire Protection Ltd and Sharpfibre Ltd to offer the best passive fire protection services and solutions in the industry

O.D. Fire Protection and Sharpfibre have this week announced the merger of their businesses to offer the best passive fire protection services and solutions in the industry. On Friday 12th November 2021, O.D. Fire Protection acquired Sharpfibre.

Sharpfibre has more than 30 years’ experience in providing fire protection to the UK’s most iconic buildings and construction projects. Its teams have a highly regarded reputation in the industry for working closely with key supply chain partners, to provide the most cost effective, efficient, safest, and technically compatible fire protection installations and solutions in the market today.

Paul O’Brien, Managing Director of O.D Fire Protection said,

“Sharpfibre offers an exciting opportunity for O.D Fire Protection to strengthen and expand its offerings with its passive fire protection services. With a range of high-profile clients, the acquisition of Sharpfibre supports the O.D Fire Protection strategy to lead the market.  The combination of Sharpfibre's expertise and O.D Fire Protection's drive and specialisations, will strengthen us and result in greater efficiencies. We look forward to capitalising on these synergies and leverage the brand recognition of Sharpfibre to significantly increase our market share."

O.D. Fire Protection Ltd has been established for 20 years, and since its inception, they have successfully organically grown and increased their client base year-on-year. They are committed to providing a good value, high-quality service, which means creating cost effective and customised solutions to suit their clients’ requirements.  Paul O’Brien has joined Sharpfibre as the new Managing Director.

David Harper, Managing Director of Sharpfibre said:

“I am very pleased to be part of the merger between Sharpfibre and O.D. Fire Protection. Whilst the two companies are geographically close in proximity, they operate in different arenas and will complement each other’s profiles.  On a day-to-day basis, the Sharpfibre staff will continue to operate in the professional manner they have shown over the years, with little interference and the same high level of service and commitment, will be given to our customers.”

“On a personal note, both Paul Harvey and I will be staying with Sharpfibre on a part time basis for the foreseeable future. It’s in our blood and we want to ensure a smooth transition, and to be part of Sharpfibre thriving in its new form.”

Barry Beavis, Sales Director of Sharpfibre, said,

“The amalgamation of O.D. Fire Protection and Sharpfibre solidifies and strengthens Sharpfibre’s position as the UK’s leading installer of passive fire protection systems, allowing us to continue to provide outstanding customer service and solutions for our existing clients, as well as being able to look forward to growing and developing our client base. I am excited to welcome the O.D. Fire Protection team, and I am certain that the union between our two companies will ensure that Sharpfibre is positioned to deliver an even greater level of support to our expanding client base.”

The expanded business of Sharpfibre will now see it having two offices in Essex, one in South Wales and one in France with clients all over the UK and in Europe, offering award-winning services and products including:

Structural Steel Protection

Fire Stopping and Penetration Sealing

Acoustic Stopping

Fire Doors


Etex Durasteel®

Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Drylining, SFS and Spray Applied Ready Mixed Plasters

Fire Board Panel Systems and Fire Spray Systems for Tunnels

To find out more about Sharpfibre, and our range of products and services, contact us on 01268 413084, or email us at

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