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Drapers Gardens, London

  • Client: Exemplar
  • Architect: Foggo Associates
  • Construction Manager: Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Scope of Works
  • Promat Promaseal® Fire Stopping Products
  • Structural Steel Protection: 41,000m² Grace MONOKOTE® MK-6HY
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Drapers Gardens is a 75m tall development with 16 floors, three roof terraces and a pocket park, boasting over 270,000 square feet (25,000 m²) of floor area.  Located in the heart of the City of London, Drapers Gardens replaced what was the tallest building demolition to be carried out in the UK.

Main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine began work on the construction of the new building in 2008, inviting Sharpfibre to tender for the Structural Fire Protection works package.  Following off the back of previous high rise fire protection projects carried out, Sharpfibre’s solution was to mechanically apply Grace MONOKOTE® MK-6HY cementitious fire spray to the structural steelwork.  Working from one static position in the lower floors, Sharpfibre hydraulically pumped the spray applied coatings contained within the building by a specialist heat retaining encapsulation system.  Such was the success of this works package, that Sir Robert McAlpine approached Sharpfibre to provide the Fire Stopping and Penetration Sealing requirements throughout the entire building.

Working in close partnership with the architect and the construction team, Sharpfibre was able to develop a solution for every service opening and penetration in an attempt to prevent unnecessary remedial works caused by late design changes or alterations in the services. Where design changes were expected or anticipated, temporary fire protection solutions were adopted to allow works to be commissioned and completed, with the final fire protection systems installed just prior to the buildings handover in Autumn 2009.

Product Information

Fire Stopping and Penetration Sealing
Penetration sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety design in buildings. Often a neglected part of the building’s fire protection and installed by non-specialists they are nevertheless vital in maintaining compartmentation and preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Building Regulations Approved Documents and LPCB Design Guide recognise that the quality of the installation of fire stopping and penetration sealing is crucial to the performance of any fire stop seal.

These systems provide cost-effective solutions and compliance with current legislation. Effective penetration sealing prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gasses and fire through gaps around services in walls, partitions and floors as well as enhancing acoustic performance and air sealing properties.

Fire Barriers
Fire barriers systems are slabs of high density rock wool with a white endothermic, ablative coating designed to stop the spread of fire through openings in fire resistant walls or floors.  Fire barriers provide an enhanced acoustic performance and up to 240 minutes fire protection.

Fire Compounds
Fire compound systems are gypsum based with thermal and acoustic properties, which provide a fire seal around service penetrations in walls and floors. Fire compound systems are particularly designed for use where a loading of the penetration is applicable, such as service risers and plant room floors. Fire compounds are quick setting to provide a smoke seal offering up to 240 minutes fire resistance.

Intumescent Sealants
Intumescent Sealant systems are water based acrylic intumescent or silicone based fire protection sealants. Adhering to most types of surface, which when cured form a non-hardening seal; preventing the passage of smoke, toxic gases and fire for up to 240 minutes fire protection.

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