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Environmental Policy

As a market leading Specialist contractor in the construction industry, Sharpfibre recognises its position in assessing, managing and influencing the aspects and impacts its work activities have on the natural and built environment we all survive within. Having a responsible approach to all of our work activities, we aim to provide a positive and sustainable contribution to the environment within which we operate.

Our commitment to continued development, improvement, and benchmarking in this regard is reinforced by a Management System operating within ISO 14001. Implementation and monitoring of this system, together with raising general awareness to our employees is the responsibility of company directors and management. The success of this system rests with the commitment of all employees to ensure our management procedures are effectively carried out.

It is a condition of employment for all employees to comply with this environmental policy, procedures, work instructions or specific instruction applicable to their designated responsibilities and duties.

Sharpfibre is an advocate for sustainable business practices and actively seeks out environmentally beneficial solutions for its clients.

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