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Drylining, SFS and Spray Applied Ready Mixed Plasters

Drylining systems are typically non-load bearing metal framed partitions used in all types of buildings.

Fire protection an insulation for the future

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Drylining, SFS and Spray Applied Ready Mixed Plasters

Drylining Systems

Drylining systems are typically non-load bearing metal framed partitions used in all types of buildings. They cover applications from simple space division; through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, impact and height requirements. There are a number of systems available on the market today dependent upon project needs together with various methods of construction, including metal liner, shaftwall, jumbo stud and direct to masonry substrates.

Structural Steel Framing (SFS)

Structural Steel Framing or SFS as it is more widely known, is extremely versatile and can be used to provide solutions to many different types of building construction. As an approved and licenced installer of market leader Metsec, Sharpfibre is able to provide designers and main contractors with a variety of value engineering solutions from external wall infill panels to internal high bay separating walls, through to complete superstructure load bearing solutions.

This partnership with Metsec allows Sharpfibre to offer a complete customer service from initial project input to economically designed drawings by Professionally Qualified Structural Engineers, to the lean manufacture of CE Marked products with an ‘On Time and In Full' delivery philosophy.

Spray Applied Ready Mixed Plaster

Working in partnership with Knauf, as part of our continued commitment to innovation, Sharpfibre is able to offer Spray Applied Readymix Plasters. These plasters, described as the fast clean alternative to internal finishing, are an extremely efficient option to traditional plaster for perfect finishes on ceilings and walls. The material is made up from crushed, milled marble (a waste material), polymer and organic binders.

Spray Applied Readymix Plasters include:

Knauf Airless Backing
A semi lightweight product, Airless Backing is a spray-applied, durable backing plaster which is used to give an excellent surface ready for final decoration by filling or levelling any imperfections.

Knauf Airless DuraDeco
This spray-applied and hard wearing plaster can be applied as a 2 coat surface coating to ceilings and walls and is perfect for high impact areas. It can also be applied as a decorative textured finish where no further decoration is needed.

Knauf Airless Finish
Again, a spray-applied and durable plaster which is mostly suited to projects which require a smooth finish. This product can be applied as a 2-coat surface or as a second coat over the Airless Backing plaster before final decorations.

Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer
This hard wearing and durable primer helps to give a smooth finish to walls and ceilings when compared to more traditional plasterboard primers. Even under critical light conditions this primer achieves a high standard of paint finish with no visible joints.

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