Promat DURASTEEL® - Integrity Fire Barrier versus Integrity & Insulation Fire Barrier


Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Promat DURASTEEL® is not just one high performance solution, but rather a range of high performance solutions that can be used in conjunction or separately as part of a building’s passives fire protection.  Promat DURASTEEL® Barriers are not just one product, but in fact many different systems available depending on the construction needs.  The key question is, do you require just an integrity only fire barrier, or do you need an integrity and insulation fire barrier system?

DURASTEEL® E240 4 Hour Integrity Fire Barrier

The Promat DURASTEEL® E240 fire barrier consists of low radiation fire walls that are designed to provide integrity only fire resistance for 240 minutes.  They are the ideal solution for buildings or constructions that require a high level of integrity and stability, also providing moisture and impact resistance.

Using a single channel framework, single layer DURASTEEL® fire walls are easy to install and offer a lightweight construction.  The framing system used and the dimensions of the steel sections can be specified depending on the performance requirements in relation to fire protection, impact resistance and wind loading.  

Typical steel channels measure 80mm deep, 3mm thick or 150mm deep, 3mm thick.  To complete the fire barrier construction a single layer of 9.5mm thick Promat DURASTEEL® is attached to one side of the channel.

DURASTEEL® EI240 4 Hour Integrity and Insulation Fire Barrier

The Promat DURASTEEL® EI240 fire barrier is made of mostly the same materials as the E240 Integrity only fire barrier.  The difference being that mineral wool is placed in between the panels, with a single layer of Promat DURASTEEL® fastened to both sides of the channel.  The mineral wool insulation required is available in densities of between 60kg/m³ and 140kg/m³.

As a result the EI240 fire barrier provides fire insulation as well as stability and integrity.  This essentially means that if one side of the barrier is fully exposed to a fire, the heat transfer to the other side is controlled and limited.  Insulated fire barriers can provide between 60 and 240 minutes of thermal insulation, dependant on their thickness.  This can provide occupants a safer environment in which to exit the building during a fire and also prevent combustible materials in other areas of building from catching fire, thus containing the blaze to the point of origin.  

If you require any additional information on the range of Promat DURASTEEL® products then do not hesitate to call our advisors on 01268 413084/411489.  Alternatively you can email us at or fill in our enquiry form and we will contact you shortly.  



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