The Benefits Of Rainscreen Cladding


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

As the name suggests, the main purpose of rainscreen cladding is to protect a buildings’ exterior wall from rainwater in order to prevent it from penetrating into the interior of the property.  However, there are several other benefits that properly installed rainscreen systems can provide, as detailed below.


By adding rainscreen cladding to the exterior wall of a property you can halt the deterioration of the materials that would otherwise be exposed to the elements, which can avoid expensive repair costs in the future and extend the life of the building.  The use of lightweight materials for the panels and framework means that the additional load applied to the existing structure is minimal.  The panels can be easily removed so that the condition of the structure can be monitored as and when required. 

Thermal Insulation

Rainscreen cladding is also a low-cost method of providing thermal insulation to a building, without losing any floor space, as happens with internal insulation techniques.  Cold bridging is reduced, which further helps to minimise energy running costs.  The reduction of cold bridging also serves to lessen the likelihood of condensation, providing a more enjoyable environment in which to live or work. 

Improving External Appearance

By adding a new skin to an existing building you can greatly improve its appearance.  This is a fantastic way of modernising existing properties, or ensuring that new builds are in-line with the surrounding area. 

Enhancing Acoustic Performance

The additional layer provided by rainscreen cladding serves to improve the acoustic performance of a property.  As a result, occupants are less likely to hear noises from outside, whilst sounds from inside the building will be quietened to those outside. 


Rainscreen cladding makes sound environmental sense in two ways.  Firstly, the improved thermal insulation means less energy is required to heat the property.  Secondly, updating a building in this way rather than going down the route of a new build means that fewer material are required and less energy is used during construction. 

Increase Property Value

Rejuvenating a building with rainscreen cladding, improving thermal and acoustic performance, updating the exterior and extending the lifespan of the property all serve to increase its market value.

Minimum Disruption

Finally, the fact that rainscreen cladding is an external wall application means that disruption is kept to a minimum, allowing the occupants to carry on as normal, whether the building is used for residential or commercial purposes. 

Download our supplier brochures for more in-depth information on the benefits of raisncreen cladding or to view available designs:

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