Sharpfibre Has The Power In Recent Substation Project


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sharpfibre Limited was recently involved in the modernisation programme of substation in the heart of the city of London.  Working in conjunction with Promat UK, we were able to provide both passive fire and blast protection to the Limeburner Lane substation, which is required to comply with regulations on electrical supply sites.  

Formerly known as the Seacoal Lane Substation, the Limeburner Lane site required modernisation in order to support the electricity demand for the surrounding area.  With several of the nearby substations already operating close to capacity and ongoing regeneration projects in the area serving to increase demand, it was decided that Limeburner Lane substation was the most suitable site to be updated and ease the load on the grid.    

The modernisation required the construction of a new basement level substation, to home three oil filled and water cooled power transformers.  The potential fire and blast risks meant that high-level internal partitions and fire barriers were essential and that all of the structural frame could contend with both eventualities.  

UK Power Networks (formerly EDF Energy), who operate the Limeburner Lane site, have a longstanding relationship with Promat UK and use DURASTEEL® in all of their substations.  The suitability of the product for this kind of application was discussed by Promat Sales Manager, Phil Telford:

“Given the potential fire and blast considerations which apply to this type of building, Promat DURASTEEL® was an obvious choice.  This non-combustible composite panel has a fibre-reinforced cement core which is mechanically bonded to punched-steel sheets on both surfaces.  This gives it great strength and resistance to damage, making it perfect for this type of application.”

As a licensed installer of Promat DURATSEEL®, Sharpfibre worked closely with Promat UK to design and install a suitable passive fire protection system for the project, whilst taking into account the requirement for blast protection.  

In addition to DURASTEEL®, other Promat products were used in the project, with VERMICULUX®, TD Baord® and SUPALUX® also utilised in areas of the construction, to satisfy varying specification requirements.  

Click here to read our case study of the Limeburner Lane Project for a more in-depth look at the products, materials and techniques utilised by Sharpfibre. 



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