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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There is an ever-increasing demand for the upgrading of semi-exposed concrete walls and soffits in both refurbished and new builds.  As always, the key concern when upgrading soffits is to reduce the impact of noise and prevent heat conduction between different zones.  To fully understand the benefits of soffit upgrading it is perhaps best to consider a project that Sharpfibre has recently completed at a Tesco supermarket in London.  

Sharpfibre were asked to provide soffit insulation at Tesco’s planned new store, which was part of the huge Woolwich Central Development, with the build including a car park located underneath the structure.  We were asked to provide insulation to the structural ceilings directly below the superstore, which meant that there were two key factors to consider.  

The first was the requirement to prevent noise from the car park having a negative impact on the shopping experience of Tesco’s customers.   Secondly, there was the need to prevent cold air from passing from the relatively cold car park into the warmer supermarket area.  In such instances the transfer of colder air into a warmer zone will create condensation, which can pose health and safety risks.  In this particular instance, the condensation could also compromise the quality of Tesco’s produce.  

In order to satisfy all requirements of the project, Sharpfibre opted for Celotex’s FR5000 insulation board, which is manufactured from high performing insulation material (PIR) and textured aluminium foil facings with low emissivity.  The thermal conductivity value of Celotex FR5000 is just 0.021W/mK, meaning that the transfer of hot or cold air from one side of the board to the other is kept to a minimum; providing the client with an aesthetically pleasing finishand  preventing condensation in the Tesco superstore.  

If you would like to hear more about soffit insulation please give Sharpfibre a call on 01268 413 084/411 486.  Alternatively you can complete our contact form or drop us an email at  



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