ASFP To Showcase New Passive Fire Protection Training Scheme


Thursday, May 09, 2013


The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is set to provide details of its new training scheme at FIREX International later this month.  Due to be held at the Birmingham NEC from 13-16th May, the event offers professionals involved in the fire safety of buildings the chance to stay in touch with the latest developments in the industry.  

Set to be piloted towards the end of 2013, the ASFP’s scheme, which was developed in collaboration with the Fire Protection Association and CITB, has two core aims:

   • Improve the understanding of those involved in designing, supplying, inspecting and maintaining passive fire protection systems

   • Improve the skills of contractors who undertake installation of passive fire protection systems

The scheme will be targeted at workers entering the specialist contractor workforce and those working in the supply chain, in addition to those entrusted to inspect the performance of passive fire systems.

The ASFP have also decided to use FIREX International as the stage to launch its new video channel, which can be viewed over the internet free of charge.  The videos, which have been split into 8 modules, begin with an introduction to passive fire protection, before taking the viewer through a real building fire risk assessment.  Each of the 8 modules focuses on a single area of passive fire protection, detailing the features that fire risk assessors should inspect.  

In light of the failings, highlighted during the inquest of the Lanakal House fire, the video channel is certainly a welcome addition to the ASFPs current collection of publications, all of which will be available at the show.  The tragedy remains a major point of reference in the fire protection industry and to highlight the risks there will be a panel discussion on Fire protection in Social Housing – The lessons to be learned.  

Chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Fire Sector Federation, this panel discussion will raise and discuss many of the issued faced by the Responsible Person in relation to appropriate fire risk assessment within social housing.  It will address the competency of those trades that work within such environments and how their actions may affect fire integrity, and why a holistic approach to the fire protection is essential, both for life safety and building loss.

David Crowder, Business Group Manager, Fire Investigation, BRE Global Limited and Director, Fire Investigations (UK) LLP will give an opening overview outlining some of the lessons learned from real fire experience, which will be followed by an open panel discussion.

The panel will represented by: 

  Dave Berry                                     Fire Industry Association

  Ian Gough                                      British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

  Paul Fuller                                      Chief Fire Officers Association

  Lorna Stimpson                            LABC Consult

  Jon O’Neil                                      Fire Protection Association

  Peter Mansi                                   Fire Investigations UK (BRE)

  Wilf Butcher                                  Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Sharpfibre will be on-hand during the exhibition to provide information on installation matters, details of all our products from Promat DURASTEEL® through to spray applied passive fire protection render systems and also to answer any questions.  

Sharpfibre are also very proud to have been nominated for an award in the Fire Protection Installation Project of the Year (Passive) category, the winners of which will be announced at the awards ceremony scheduled to take place on 13th May at 7.30pm.



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